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'Fall' in love with a pet portrait commission of your fur baby

Nawww it's Autumn and I'm 'Falling' in love with Cooper. Yeah, not a great pun, I blame the fixative spray to seal the charcoal for getting to my head. This pet portrait commission is

now ready to be shipped to his new owner.

I will spending most of the rest of my next few hours packing and posting. I am learning that creating is 20% of an art business! I spend most of my time working on my website, finances, postage, networking etc. It's quite an eye opener in the world of business!

One thing I do know is that if I don't create it hurts. If I get an art block, it's painful. Creating is the only way to set that feeling free. I guess website design and flyer design is all creative too, however it doesn't beat the feeling of putting charcoal onto paper!

Are you craving to create? What would you like to create? Or even better, what are you creating?!

If you would like a pet portrait of your fur baby, please get in touch with Hannah,


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