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Print of original Charcoal Portrait painted by Hannah Leadbetter on High Quality print paper using high end inks. Only 50 available in A3 size.



Species: Gorilla

Sex: F

Date of birth: March 3rd 2009

Capture date: captive born

Location: Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon, Prague


Many of the lowland gorillas at Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon are orphans rescued after their parents were shot by poachers. Unlike her playmates, Atinbi is one of the lucky primates who was born in safety after her mother was given refuge and fortunately has not suffered the same horrible fate as the other gorillas.


The staff at the Limbe Wildlife Centre hope Atinbi will be a symbol replacing the sad stories of killed gorillas. Little Atinbi's name was given to her in memory of two other gorillas killed by poachers, which means 'replacement' in the local Bakweri language.


With kind permission of Photographer Petr Slavík, I was able to recapture her essence by using willow charcoal, charcoal powder and charcoal pencils. I absolutely love her cheekiness, her innocence and really feel a sense of hope for her future of our beautiful animal kingdom.


I will be donating a percentage of the print sales to those who have helped save her mother at Limbe Wildlife Centre

Cheeky Atinbi - Limited Edition

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