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Charcoal Portrait Artist, South West, UK


Hannah Leadbetter

As a charcoal animal portrait artist, I am able to capture the unique personality and spirit of every animal I draw. Working in charcoal allows me to achieve a level of depth and detail that truly brings each piece to life. My greatest joy comes from seeing the excitement and happiness on the faces of my clients when I present them with a portrait of their beloved pet.


New Series


I have always been fascinated by the intricate patterns and textures in nature. As an artist, I draw inspiration from these elements and create unique and stunning charcoal drawings of animals. I have found that adding body art to my pieces brings a whole new level of depth and meaning, creating a beautiful harmony between the natural and human world. Each of my pieces is a unique work of art, capturing the quintessential beauty of the animal while adding a modern twist.

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Chacoal Tiger Drawing
charcoal cat drawing.jpg

Wildlife Portraits

I produce large wildlife portraits using charcoal and coloured pastels. The originals, high quality prints and various printed gifts  I have for sale in my shop

Pet Portrait Commissions

If you would to commission me to draw your beloved pet or would like to gift a family member a portrait, I have made it easy. Click here for information.


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