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Commissioning a Portrait

When you commission me to draw a beloved family member or your fur baby, I really connect with your story - it's why I do what I do; it's more than just a picture, it's a window into the love for your loved one - it's a real honour and privilege. To order yours click here  

Photograph tips


Your photo is key and the better the quality photos I receive, the better your portrait will be.

Your photo is the most important aspect when you commission your pet portrait; the quality of my work absolutely depends on them. I usually don't have the opportunity to meet and photograph the pets or draw in person and so only have your photo to guide me

Choosing some of the best photos of your pet or consider taking new ones if possible. I look at one main photograph when drawing, but would love to have a choice of several photos in order to see the true appearance.

Prices start from £250 - Click Here to purchase yours

Focus on the subject

If taking with a camera or phone camera, make sure the subject fills the screen

Get down level

Crouch down to the level of the subject to get a better vantage point (TIP: Using a treat helps!)


Natural lighting is best. If you can take a photo outside or close to a window

Your Photos & Mock up

Some changes are already done before I even draw the first line in, in my photo mock-up. Based on your story and requirements I will create the mock-up and send to you for your approval.


Unsure about which photo to choose? Contact me for a FREE photo consultation.

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Progress pictures & videos

I photograph the portrait in various stages and post them for you to see how far I've got in the process. I also scan the final portrait for you to see, to ensure that you are happy with the completed portrait.

Even though your portrait is considered completed by myself, you can still request alterations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with unlimited revisions.

All Drawings are created by me, a professional accomplished individual artist with a true passion for art and animals.

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