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A Well Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

When I draw a portrait, I feel a connection to something bigger than myself, to the very soul and essence of the subject. I really felt this when drawing this beautiful animal. It was a piece where I lost myself in willow charcoal, powdered charcoal, liquid charcoal and charcoal pencils. I feel so honoured to have drawn such a powerful tiger who currently lives in captivity at my local zoo in Devon, South England, who have done incredible efforts in conservation to protect endangered animals.

As a lover of the wild and nature, I want to bring an essence of the natural beauty in form of

art. We need to be reminded of our declining animal kingdom, we need to take even a second out of our day to remember that there is more out there than our busy schedules and social media and it is bigger than us and is important that it needs to be protected. Even if someone simply sees this drawing whilst scrolling. The impact it would have framed on one's wall - it would at least be there as a reminder that we need to protect our endangered animals. This is why I am donating a percentage of the print sales to WWF to assist them with their conservation efforts to protect our natural world. Photo reference and kind permission by Ross Elliott, Paignton Photographic Group

Original Created:2022 Subjects: Animal


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